IMPORTANT: Unclog Vs Clean Your Sewer Line??? Know the difference in service!!!

Unclog, Unplug, or "Clear"  vs Cleaning your sewer line?  

Unfortunately, to unclog or unplug your sewer- some companies work by "rooting"  the point of the blockage in the sewer line to restore flow and that's it!... but your sewer line is not truly "CLEAN".  

Properly cleaning your sewer line removes roots, debris and sludge for the length of your sewer line from your house or building to the city sewer line.  This is critical and this takes time with multiple full line passes of our rooting equipment.   Cleaning your entire line helps to ensure your sewer is truly CLEAN and problem free MUCH longer.  

At Red Alert Sewer and Drain our drain technicians often spend 45 to 90+ minutes cleaning your line (time depends on the length of your sewer line).  This is why our Clean & Clear Warranty is the best in the business.

How would you know if you have received "sub-par, inferior" service? 

THE tell tale sign of substandard sewer service is when a technician only took  "15-20 minutes" to do the job.   This is unfortunately VERY common... they simply poked a hole at the blockage point and dash to their next job while charging you the same rate or even MORE than Red Alert service rates to clean your entire line.   

Why do Red Alert technicians take more time to clean your entire sewer line? 

We want you to be thrilled with our service, tell your friends and be our valued customer for life!